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I honor your present curiosity to seek guidance.
I see your bravery in contemplating the next step towards change.

I’d like to invite you to place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly. Take a nice deep breath in and slowly exhale. Everything you need to heal, you possess under your two hands. Through our work together, you can strengthen your relationship with self; body, mind, and soul. You can explore healthier methods of coping with various life obstacles and utilize both cognitive and somatic based work to awaken your existing strengths.

Professional Experience

One thing I believe to be true; everyone navigating life is bound to experience obstacles. It can be common to get lost in the energy of an obstacle. Instead of being a witness to the disturbance, you feel as though you are getting sucked in it. Feeling lost in this energy can result in self destructive coping (unhealthy relationships, substance abuse, disordered eating). It is important to remember, we as humans try to do the best we can to cope.

As a licensed mental health counselor, I have practiced walking alongside individuals therapeutically for the past 10 years. I help individuals become aware of their capabilities and make positive changes in their lives. I am certified in Yoga for 12 Step Recovery and have my 200 hour certification in trauma informed yoga. This allows me to assist individuals in feeling more empowered through mindfulness based movement in an environment of trust, integrity, hope and healing at Be Embodied. Our work together will be unique in that it will focus on you as a whole being. We will not only challenge intrusive, disruptive thought patterns but we will also work to unstick uncomfortable emotions we hold in our body. My hope is you accept this invitation to do the best we can together to help you heal.

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